Tin Men & the Telephone (NL/UK/FR/BG)

June 3rd / 18::30PM

Tin Men & the Telephone (NL/UK/FR/BG)

June 1st – 11am – JAZZ FOR KIDS
June 3rd / 18::30PM

Tony Roe (NL) – piano/keys/electronics
Pat Cleaver (UK/FR) – double bass
Bobby Petrov (BG) – drums

Tin Men & the Telephone will present their new album World Domination volume 1: Furie for the very first time in Romania.  Far more than a collection of tunes, the album follows a science fiction story, a humorous and provocative look at our modern world through the lens of fake news and alternative facts. Furie stands for Federal Union for Restoring Intergalactic Equilibrium, an alien peace force sent to Earth to intervene against the rise of populism and abduct despotic world leaders. The music is a combination of acoustic jazz and futuristic electronic sounds, all composed around the speeches of various populist politicians. It is a return to activism and politics in jazz.

As a companion piece to the album, Tin Men have also launched an interactive website: http://tinmendo.com/furie/. Visitors can select world leaders to be abducted, suggest any leaders that may be missing, and hear extracts from Furie as they do so. Tin Men have made a name for themselves with their cutting edge use of technology and multimedia, as well as their unique interactive performances, in which the audience participates via their self-developed smartphone app Tinmendo.
Over the course of several residencies in the UK, Tin Men have been collaborating with some of the leading figures of London’s immersive theatre scene to bring Furie to the stage and push the interactivity even further. The audience are invited to help the aliens pick which world leaders deserve abduction and collectively compose a new world anthem to be performed on the spot by the band.

“A 21st-century gig in which multimedia gadgetry and a sense of mischief combine to create something fresh and unexpected.” (The Times)

June 3rd / 18::30PM

info: 0788 452 485 / rezervlagreen@gmail.com.
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