Despre noi

Despre noi

You don’t know what love is, until you’ve learned the meaning of the blues, until you’ve loved a love you’ve had to lose. ~ Chet Baker

S-a întîmplat și se întîmpla la Green Hours jazz-café, unul dintre cele mai cunoscute cluburi de jazz bucureștene, înființat în 1994 si situat în plin centrul capitalei, în vecinătatea mai mult decît selectă a Grupului pentru Dialog Social, a Revistei 22 și a primei librării Humanitas – între timp desființată – Librăria din Fundul Curții.
Păstrîndu-și, totuși, mai degrabă un regim underground – Green Hours organizează regulat seri de jazz și teatru – și ocazional seri de blues, muzică alternativă, sau alte evenimente de sorginte artistică și culturală.

Short English version:

Green Hours is one of the „oldest” jazz clubs – and probably the most respected independent theatre: MONDAY Theatre @ Green Hours – in Romania. Since 1994, every week, our club hosts jazz, blues or alternative live music nights and, since 1997, besides all that, theatrical shows (off-off Broadway kind of…).

Since 2008, Green Hours has initiated the first (and only) international festival in a Romanian club: Green Hours JAZZ Fest.


Rozana Mihalache – managing director & artistic coordinator of Green Hours

”My name is Rozana and I started working for Green Hours by accident. Actually, I began as a PR for the 3rd edition of Green Hours JAZZ Fest, in 2011. My job was supposed to last two, three weeks. Those weeks turned into a month and time simply passed. I hate my job. I love my job. I think that artists are the most beautiful on stage, when the lights are on. I cannot imagine now a world without the concerts and the theatre shows I have the privilege and hard stomach to host almost every day.

I think humans are horrible, but in the same time extraordinary… and can be amazing creators.

And in this world full of hate and wars and craziness, maybe art is the (only?) engine of survival.”

Voicu Rădescu – honorary director & founder of Green Hours

”I don’t know if art could make the society better, but it can try.”