East Village – Non Entropy (2002)

East Village – Non Entropy (2002)

©2002 East Village (Marta Hristea, Sorin Romanescu & Vlaicu Golcea).
All rights reserved. Originally licensed to Green Records Bucharest, Romania

Except the lyrics all the material from this recording was instantly composed during the recording sessions in Green Hours Jazz Club Bucuresti, July 2002

All tracks are composed by East Village (Marta Hristea, Sorin Romanescu & Vlaicu Golcea)
All tracks protected by UCMR-ADA, Romania

East Village:
Marta Hristea – voice
Sorin Romanescu – guitar
Vlaicu Golcea – double bass

1. Mama’s blues
2. Perfect time
3. Under a cristal bell
4. I will remember
5. When memories of you…
6. Non-entropy
7. Temporary lovers
8. After the love is gone

recorded, mixed and mastered by Sorin Romanescu
produced by Sorin Romanescu & Vlaicu Golcea
graphics by Rodica Golcea & Sorin Romanescu